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JG Resin

We love creating custom pieces so please drop us an email if you are looking for a specific size, shape or colour.

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Tables: New Collection

Reclaimed Oak Wood and teal.

SOLD April 2023.
Table size 180cm x 70cm.

Tables: Image

Burr Elm desk.

SOLD March 2023.
Table size 170cm x 70cm.

Tables: Image

Pinecone resin table.

SOLD November 2022.
Table size 42cm diameter, 3.5cm thick.

Tables: Image

Pippy oak and blue coffee table.

SOLD September 2022.
Table size 90.5cm x 48cm x 44cm high.

Tables: Image

French walnut and Turquoise.

SOLD May 2022.

French walnut with turquoise river. This table also has legs created from the same slab of wood. 

Table size 120cm x 80cm.

Tables: Image

Oak and navy blue.

SOLD February 2022.

This oak and blue was custom made for new home owners in Hemel Hempstead. We used photos of the walls to colour match.

Diameter: 40cm

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Pippy Oak and turquoise.

SOLD December 2021.

This pippy oak and turquoise was custom made to match a lovely customers sofa. She gave us a colour sample and it is now sitting between her two sofa's in her conservatory.

Diameter: 50cm

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Pippy Oak and blue.

SOLD July 2021.

This pippy oak and blue was custom made for some lovely new boat owners. 

Table size 120cm x 60cm.

Tables: Image

Walnut and black.

SOLD October 2020.

This walnut coffee table is a gorgeous addition to any room.

Table size 100cm x 50cm x 43cm high.

Tables: Image

Cherry wood and blue.

SOLD September 2020.

This beautiful cherry wood has been perfectly matched with electric dark blue resin and gloss finish to create a eye catching coffee table. 

Table size 120cm x 50cm x 43cm high.

Tables: Image
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